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Long Term Care Insurance

The reality is that each year, an estimated 11 million U.S. adults need some type of long-term care. The average cost of hiring a non-medical home healthcare provider is $20hr in the United States. Private nursing home care can run well over $90,000 a year.

Medicare and your employer insurance will rarely cover long term care costs. The financial impact on your family can be emotionally devastating. Long term care insurance helps your family cope with the cost of chronic illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s disease, or other disabilities.

The long term care Insurance Tucson, Arizona:  policies that 135 Group Insurance LLC can get for you pay for assistance with everything from the basics, to bathing, and dressing. The policies can also pay for specialty care from therapists and nurses for months or even years. Long term care can be expensive. We can show you a way to be refunded 100% of your premium costs.

Due to advances in modern medicine, Americans are living longer than they ever have in the past. Looking into long term care insurance is a decision that just makes sense. Some people have over a million dollars going into retirement but within a very short period of time that savings is gone due to long term care expenses. Enjoy your golden age right and make sure you are protected with the long term care insurance that 135 Group LLC can offer you.

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