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Europe, Asia, International Insurance

If you are traveling the world for business or taking a vacation of a lifetime to Europe or Asia, you need the proper insurance before you go. You need to be prepared for the unthinkable. 135 Group Insurance is here to give you the peace of mind you deserve on your travels. Insurance is an important part of your daily life. Your home insurance,auto insurance, health insurance and so on. But once you leave your county of origin, you also leave behind all of the insurance coverage you think little about until you file a claim or have to pay your next monthly or yearly payments. Health Insurance, liability insurance, can vary between what country you happen to be visiting. Having the proper International insurance is important for you peace of mind on your travels. If your looking for International insurance in Tucson, where are company is located or anywhere in the United States or the world for that matter? We can issue you plans 24 hours a day for all your last minute travel needs.

We offer medical and property insurance that gives you coverage world wide. We have a variety of coverage plans to meet the most basic needs to the most comprehensive of customers. Please click on the link below and select the plan the best suits your needs or call us directly and we can assist you with plan selection.


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We can come to your home or office at no additional charge and discuss International Insurance.